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Pink’s Deco’s

It started all in 1994, with the decorations from Ingrid Voorderhake in car showrooms.

After this start, several questions followed to create window dressings and to decorate small and larger events.

Together with the technical skills of husband Jan and son Sebastiaan and with the graphic skills of daughter Sabine, Pink’s Deco’s started to be a real company.


In 2007 the name changed in PINKS. 

The dedicated and professional team from visual merchandisers, stylists and installers are all committed and will ensure that your project and/or product will be presented at the highest level.

As well for small companies as for well-known multi nationals.

What we do

The passionate PINKS team ensures that your project will be presented in a way to enhance your brand and/or product. 

We consult our clients to understand their goal and build their special project or campaign together in close liaison.

PINKS innovates, creates, coordinates and organizes the complete project.

For decorations, events and product presentations in every possible way.

Product presentations and Visual Merchandising

Professional product presentation is an important part in retail. Whether it’s about fashion, sports or whatever product.

PINKS can help you (or your team) with an hands on project or just for temporary hands on job.

To build your shop in shop, an overall installation abroad, or custom made presentations, all is possible.

PINKS creates small displays and large installations.  As for Nike, Unilever, Tommy Hilfiger, Björn Borg, TOMS, Puma and many more…

Window dressing and Installations

The very first thing a customer encounters is the window of your store.

And that makes the decision to enter the store or not. PINKS designs and installs windows and instore presentations and-decorations. Whether it’s a single store or a large retail chain, PINKS makes sure it’s always in your best interest and the best quality.

Presentations in every style, or as an extra dimension to your campaign, installations at a fair or the launch of a new product. All these moments makes it important that the presentation of your product is so special that customers stop to find out what they just encountered….and that’s just where PINKS is good at!

No matter how small or large the installation is, in cooperation with our client, we take care of the right style.